Category: BOD Meetings

A.P.S.A.C. Board meeting

January 16, 2019

Those present at the meeting are Tom Clayton, Larry Harvey, Jim Allard, Keith Morton, Joe Castiglia, Ethelene Nash, Mary Temoke and Gary Sorko.

The siding repairs due to storm damage have been completed by Al Emmendorfer. Al has donated a lot of time and hard work to this project. Other members are asked to step up and help out when needed. We owe Al a big “Thank you.”

Now that the new Avon Park manager has settled in Tom Clayton will approach him for financial help in repairing the kitchen. Avon Park owns the building so we need their input.

We will check on the price and kinds of plants to landscape the park side of the courts.

A new order for more wax for the courts will be placed.

Dick Davis will be inducted in the District Hall of Fame in Winter Haven on March 8, 2019. Let’s show up from Avon Park in support of this honor. “Way to go Dick!”

The meeting was closed by Mary Temoke. Second by Keith Morton.